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About Sohani





Digestive issues


Children's ailments

Food allergies & intolerance


Inflammatory conditions

Coughs, colds and influenza

Her story


Sohani qualified at The College of Homeopathy, London in 1984. In 1986 she became a Member of The College of Homeopathy and  was a member of The Society of Homeopaths for 30 years. As a homeopath she has been in private practice over 36 years.


Sohani studied other complementary therapies, including Medical Herbalism and Nutrition, and has a passionate approach to achieving health. Alongside homeopathy, Sohani provides advice on nutrition, allergies, supplements, diet, exercise, as well as other healing techniques, including the latest 'healing tools' available on the market.

Past clinics include the renowned Dolphin Clinic in Brighton, which specialises in treating children with a variety of complementary therapies. Sohani is experienced in treating pregnant mums, infants and young children.


Sohani practises Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Allergy Testing in Dorset. Located in Milborne St Andrew, Sohani serves Blandford Forum, Dorchester, Wareham, Wimborne,Poole, Bournemouth and Bridport. Sohani also offers sessions by Skype, Facetime or telephone.

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