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Frequently Asked Questions

"Please note that at all times during homeopathic treatment I will encourage you to continue ongoing treatment with a medical professional. It is important that you have sufficient information to make an informed choice about your healthcare. It may be important that you should have certain medical tests or have an opportunity to discuss the options".
How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is an individual and this cannot be known until both patient and practitioner have given the process a chance,since the condition may have been established for years. In view of this, it is best to plan for at least 6 sessions.

How soon will I see results?

Everyone is an individual but some improvement may likely occur soon after the treatment.

Will I get worse before I get better?

A post treatment may cause the body to eliminate in a variety of ways even though the person may well feel better inside emotionally and mentally.
A post -treatment aggravation is often a positive sign.

What can I do to help myself?

Co-operation with the Practitioner during treatments and asking advice along the way. Do not feel "silly" about any questions you may wish to ask. Help will be tailored to individuals.

Can I contact you between consultations if I am concerned in any way?

Yes ~ there are ring-in times and if it is a genuine emergency please call and leave a message.I will get back as soon as possible.
During any vacation period I always leave The Homeopathic Emergency telephone number.

Can I take your treatment with my GP's medication?

Yes ~ homeopathy may be undertaken alongside GP drugs.

Are there things in my life I should avoid?

Once again this will be individually tailored to the patient.
Basic good health can be achieved with attention to diet, increasing water intake, moderate regular exercise and listening to ones "inner self" more often.Taking time out to rest when feeling tired or listen to healing music, meditation CD's etc


For further information or to make an appointment please telephone: 07986 157095

Regarding my testimonials ~ they do not represent evidence, but are the personal opinion of the patients I have treated .

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