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Nutrition & Allergy Testing

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Nutrition and Allergy Testing in Dorset

Sohani uses the 'State of the Art' BasicVega machine to test allergies, intolerances or nutritional deficiencies.

Electronic Allergy and Intolerance Testing provides a valuable tool to help and understand modern health problems, possibly caused by food, drinks, E-preservatives, washing powders, perfumes, shampoo's, deoderants, orthodox and non-orthodox drugs, cleaning products, chemical and plant irritants, fabrics and other products of the metal industries.We live in an over-industrialised world and many of these poisonous substances have only been developed in the last 70 years . After the irritant, has been identified, an individual programme can be devised and once eliminated this may enable the body to heal itself more quickly. Of course it may be best to identify to the real cause of the problem by in-depth homeopathy and nutritional advice, as the gut may well be involved and healing this may take time to correct.

The Vega Allergy machine uses a painless technique whereby a probe is placed on acupuncture meridian points on the palm of the hand or finger and bio-feedback information is fed into the machine.It is even suitable for small children as the skin is not punctured and NO physical reaction is experienced . Approximately 147 substances can be tested.

A consultation may last 1 hour. A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition is so important. Our environment has been damaged so much. Nutritional advice will be given if appropriate and another therapy may be suggested. Patients making dietary changes will likely gain the best results.

Sohani can also offer all kinds of health tests with Genova Diagnostics, if this is more appropriate, to discover the underlying problem or direct you to an appropriate medical practitioner.

"I gratefully remember my visit to you in February 2007 for a food intolerance test, which proved to be very accurate and solved my problem completely. I was very struck by your immediate recognition of my general medical condition. As I told you, your diagnosis was later confirmed through blood tests etc." Mr J. H 2009

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