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Updated: Mar 22, 2020


Medical information within this article for self-help is not intended to be a substitute or diagnosis for a treatment of any of the above conditions. If in doubt please consult your physician.

Coronavirus (Covid 19), like SARS (Severe Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle Eastern Syndrome), may be caused by cross contamination from an animal, in this case maybe from the Wuhan food market. I have also noticed that cases are worse in areas where 5G has been erected?

Deaths generally from Covid-19 appear to be low (more people die from influenza and TB annually around the world) all due to complications like pneumonia. These figures give you the general trend:

82% develop mild symptoms

15% develop severe symptoms

3% become critically ill.

I recommend you buy the following:

· “Basic Guide to Homeopathy” booklet from 588788

· “The First Aid Kit” from 537254. It also includes a very comprehensive booklet in it.


Fever, headache, very sore throat, chills, chest pains, rapid heartbeat, dry cough, severe body aching, breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal problems, leading to pneumonia and kidney failure at its worst.

As Covid-9 is a virus, antibiotics will not help. Antivirals may be helpful, but there are many natural antivirals to use. Homeopathy has a 250 year history of success, treatment and assisting the body to heal.

REMEDIES TO CONSIDER AT THE ONSET OF SYMPTOMS TO PREVENT PNEUMONIA: (do check your “Basic Guide to Homeopathy” booklet too)

**Anas Barb 30c

*Aconite 30 c

**Belladonna 30c

**Eupatorium Perfolatium 30c

**Ferrum Phos 30c

*Gelsemium 30c

Ipecac 30c

Veratrum Viride 30c

** remedies to take at onset of feeling unwell

* remedies to match to the “symptom picture”

I love using Combination Remedies at the beginning like:

- ABC (Aconite/Belladonna/Chamomilla) - addressing the high sudden fever and calming.

Excellent for infants and children at any onset of fevers with flushed face, restlessness and anxiety, maybe anger.

- AGE ( Aconite/ Gelsemium/Eupatorium Perfolatium) and another AGE offers

- Arsenicum Iodide/Gelsemium/Eupat Perf). I find AGE is really excellent repeated every few hours at the initial onset of flu-like symptoms.

Always take the appropriate homeopathic remedy based on the presenting symptoms including head, throat, glands, aches, upper respiratory conditions, etc. In time you will get adept at it.

In an acute onset you will need to take the remedy frequently, maybe every 1-2 hours, especially at the beginning, as the fever and condition will use up the remedy quickly, only reduce the dosage or change it to another remedy if there is a good response or change of symptoms.

Remember you can set up a consultation with me if in serious doubt? There will be a charge.

If symptoms are worsening and you have experience prescribing or are very confident to tackle the illness, try these remedies:

Ant Tart 30c

Bryonia 30c

Hepar Sulph 30c

Lachesis 30c

Merc Sol 30c

Kali Bich 30c

Kali Carb 30c

Phosphorus 30c

Rhus Tox 30c

Verattrum Viride 30c

Excellent remedies for the elderly and frail:

Sanguinaria 30c – great difficulty breathing

Senega 30c – elderly pleural pneumonia

Silica 30c – great weakness of the lungs. Slow recovery from pneumonia

Carbo Veg 30c – Collapse/weakness and breathing difficulties


Antivirals such as Colloidal Silver and Elderberry and Vitamin C in high doses.

Vitamin C capsules/powder, take as much as you can “to bowel tolerance”, that means stop when diarrhoea happens.

These can be obtained from: /01289 332888 (please tell them I am your practitioner)

As “Buffered Vitamin C” and Colloidal Silver. Some places offer a spray or drops in a bottle.

Liquid Oxygen Drops (from the above too)

Elderberry (Sambucus Niger) is probably the best antioxidant and antiviral due to the high vitamin C content. Collect your own Elderberry flowers or berries in the autumn and freeze or make syrups.

It can be bought as pastilles/tinctures/tonics - the berry, leaves and flowers are used.

A preparatory product known as Sambucol is available in health shops and online.

It has other health benefits including boosting the immune system.


Other supportive herbs/ spices/fruit/aromatherapy oils, superfoods to consider stocking for your First Aid Kit:

- Cats Claw, Cayenne, Cranberry, Wild Blueberry, Fennel, Frankincense Oil, and burning the resin in small bowls, Garlic, Ginger, Leeks, Lemons, Onions, Rose Hips (once again you can forage and make your own syrups in the Autumn), Lavender Oil, Liquorice Root, Sage Tea and Oil, Thyme plant and Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Myrrh Tincture and Oil.

- Apple Cider Vinegar or Hot Lemon and Local/Raw Honey drunk or gargled with a few times a day.

- Honey/Garlic and Ginger combined as a drink or gargled with.

- Olive Leaf Extract (also available at 01289 332888

- Basil Oil, Cinnamon, Celery Juice, Echinacea - in all forms and Turmeric capsules or powder (must be organic)



Good hygiene, especially washing hands properly.

Remember to clean taps and all door handles thoroughly, especially those in the bathroom/toilet and kitchen!

In the home try using safe cleaning products, rather than overdoing it with chemical cleaners. White Vinegar/ Lemon and Bicarbonate of Soda is excellent. Plus Colloidal Silver.

Hydrogen Water Steam Inhalation - using Aromatherapy Oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Peppermint, Marjoram and Friars Balsam to name a few). Essential Oils have many anti-viral qualities.

One recipe to consider making is “THIEVES OIL”.

NB. Be careful if you have a sensitive skin or are elderly (using Diffusers) or applying direct.

It should be 1 drop of each to an egg cup of base oil, or the whole recommended drops in 300ml base oil.

Blend 1

Combine together with a base oil (light olive oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil),

40 drops Clove oil

35 drops Lemon oil

20 drops Cinnamon oil

15 drops Eucalyptus oil

10 drops Rosemary oil

Diffusing Thieves Oil

Purifies air in your home, supports your lungs and sinuses. Diffuse 15-20 drops of Thieves oil for

15 mins, 3-4 times a day. Strengthens lungs, sinuses and entire respiratory system.

Massage Therapy

Dilute 15 drops of Thieves oil with 15 drops carrier oil. Massage oil over lungs, back, thighs, neck.

All-purpose Spray Thieves Oil

Cleans and disinfects most things. Add 1 drop Thieves Oil for every 1/2oz (half oz) water used.

Can be lessened to 1 drop per 1oz, if you find it overpowering. Shake bottle vigorously.

Topical Thieves Oil

1 drop of Thieves oil to 4 drops carrier oil. (Grapeseed, Jojoba, Coconut, Avocado).

Massage this blend on your feet, lower back, neck and behind your ears. Rubbing this oil on your

feet daily promotes a healthy immune system.

Household Uses

Add to laundry loads, dishwasher loads, floor, countertops, etc., phone, car (on a cotton ball).

The best advice is to not to get anxious or panic during these times, as anxiety, worry and panic

lowers the immune system. Perhaps practise more meditation or mindfulness to keep you in the present moment?

Don’t’ be afraid to experiment with remedies, herbs, aromatherapy oils and other immune

boosting products and, of course, ask my advice if necessary. (I will have to charge for my time).

Those of you who are experienced in self prescribing may like to consider buying 200c homeopathic Potencies, instead of the 30c?



I also offer global Skype or Facetime consultations too!

01258 839043/07986 157095

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