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How To Achieve True Health - and in the Process Lose Weight (if necessary)

Updated: May 26, 2019

31st May 2014

Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion based on years of study and training in


Photo: Dani Geza from Pixabay

Good nutrition is the first step to repairing damage caused by poor diets, the

toxic effects of our modern environment, plus possible genetic predispositions.

(although I highly question this premise that health is ordained by genetics).


Gluten (in all grains), sugar, dairy by-products (of all animals) and orange Juice.


Gluten is a protein found in all cereals and contains something called

Gliamorphine, which affects the brain and it’s cognitive ability. It acts like

morphine or heroin.

It can cause epilepsy, nerve damage, migraines and mental/emotional

disturbances and has a variety of side-effects like stimulating addictive

behaviour, increasing cravings and weight gain to name a few. Other areas in

which it creates disturbances in the body are the liver, immune system and

intestines (like coeliac disease).

It is one of the major causes of obesity “beer belly“ is “gluten belly“ and is a

major cause of inflammation in the blood cells - leading to osteo and rheumatoid

conditions (eg., PMR - polymyalgia rheumatica “the fashionable disease of the


In children it is one of the main causes of HDD and ADD as a result of the protein

passing through the intestinal wall.

Alternatives to grains are the seeds of Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth and (in my

opinion) organic long grain rice like Basmati, Wild Rice and Italian.


Milk is for the babies of the respective animals it comes from, we do not need

milk for calcium and don’t have the rennet in our guts to digest it. Calcium can

be obtained from green leafy vegetables and plants, seeds, nuts, alfalfa,

seagreens, oily fish, egg yolks, plus many more natural foods.

We receive a sugar overload from the lactose. It is the casein in milk that has

an adverse effect on many people creating dairy intolerance.

Raw milk is slightly better and cheese should be used as a treat (fermented is

best) and ONLY when you are very healthy.

Alternatives to animal milk are almond, hazelnut and coconut, however, I do not

recommend soya milk as it raises the oestrogen content in the body because of

the phytoestriols. Only fermented soya is healthy for the body as in Tofu and

Tamari sauce. Not even in the menopause do we need soya phytoestriols unless



One teaspoon of sugar stops white blood cells working in a blood sample!!

We need white blood cells to digest invading organisms and pathogens to

prevent cancer, heart disease and all the major diseases of the so-called western

world. Sugar is a nutritional poison. Sugar causes obesity and diabetes as it negatively

affects insulin production in the pancreas.

It affects the immune system and cognitive behaviour and is a major cause of

ageing. It triggers inflammation of the system due to it being so acidic. Cereals,

which are carbohydrates, are long-chain sugars and, therefore, poisonous.

Fruit, vegetable and root sugars are fine.

Other healthier sweeteners are honey, maple syrup, agave syrup if it is pure and

organic, Stevia and Xylitol from the Silver Birch tree, but only if you are Candida–free.

Candida is a proliferation of yeasts, which also disable the whole body mentally

and emotionally and acts as another addictive stimulant encouraging us to eat

more. Other symptoms of Candida are abdominal bloating, gas, thrush, foggy brain

and general lethargy. Candida increases the potential for internal parasites.


Orange juice spikes the pancreas to produce insulin, the liver cannot cope with so

much sugar and, therefore, stores it on the abdomen and buttocks.


The best diet for health and vitality is the meat-based Paleolithic diet, it is all we

need as we are still animals and all the other foods are potentially poison to our

system as described above. Cultures in which meat is still the main food and

forage live the longest and with great vitality, often working physically into old

age impervious to complaints of our so-called modern world.

A Paleolithic diet includes animal proteins, ie; fish, meat, fowl, eggs as well as

nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, including sea vegetables.

Since 1912 the quality of our soil has depleted to such an extent due to modern

farming and the lack of animal dung spreading that our diets require vitamin and

mineral supplements. In some countries there is a complete absence of minerals.

I acknowledge the growing interest in vegetarianism and veganism, which support a more eco-aware way of farming and the growing of food, supporting a more empathic way of being in the world and compassion towards nature, as well as mirroring the energy of the new age.

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