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  • Sohani Gonzalez

Moving towards Autumn and Winter

Updated: May 26, 2019

August 2015

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and the opinion of colleagues across the

world based on years of study, observation and practice.

Photo: Violette from Pixabay

We are now moving towards Autumn. August is the last month of Summer and

the weather ‘is a changing‘. With this seasonal change comes the potential for

bacterias and viruses to develop, if we have not strengthened our immune systems

by poor eating habits or “burning the candle at both ends in a variety of ways”.

So this blog is about what herbs, plants and other foods are important

to support the immune system and what to do if adverse conditions develop.

Natural antibiotics that aid and combat winter ailments are: garlic, echinacea,

goldenseal, wild indigo, olive leaf extract, ginger, oregano oil, local honey and

more. Some act as anti-inflammatories with astringent properties. Garlic, echinacea

and goldenseal are anti-viral, anti-inflammatory with astringent qualities. They will

help combat bacteria and viruses that cause common colds and flu. Good for

earaches and pneumonia. Best use in capsule form or tinctures as a preventative.

GARLIC (the wonder plant) - use a few corms, macerate and soak in water over

night and drink a small glass 2-3 x a day (obviously your breath may be a

preventative too !). This can remove kidney stones too. This is excellent to eliminate

gut parasites, especially used as an enema occasionally. It can be eaten raw or cooked

on a daily basis.

ECHINACEA - has a history of use as being preventative and anti-bacterial, and

topically on open wounds! It boosts the immune system and can shorten the

symptoms of illness. As an antiseptic it was used in combination with Arctium

Lappa (Burdock) or Tincture of Myrrh for throat infections (and athletes foot!).

GOLDENSEAL - has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties with an

astringent effect on the mucous membranes. It acts as an alterative. When

medicinally combined with any other herbs it boosts their efficacy.

(I use Goldenseal with Echinacea in combination).

WILD INDIGO - is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory herb, which boosts the

immune system. It is exceptionally beneficial for upper respiratory and chest

infections. It has many other therapeutic qualities and combines well with

Echinacea. Recommended dose: 30-40 drops in water 3-4 x day.

OLIVE LEAF - fights almost any infection; viral, bacterial or fungal. Useful to treat

flu, colds, sinusitis, allergies, psoriasis and herpes. It is a major anti-oxidant and

contains the active ingredient oleuropein, known to regress tumours in 12


GINGER - has very potent anti-inflammatory compounds k/a ‘gingerols’ and is

effective in treating many conditions. Its warming properties are excellent,

especially when brewed as a tea with honey for sore throats and/or used in

cooking. It is calming on the digestive tract and stomach upsets. Ginger counters

chills during influenza, etc. Use raw, either sliced or grated and in cooking.

OREGANO (as oil) - it contains the active ingredients, thymol, carvacrol, pinene,

limonene and others, and has strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

properties. In hospitals and laboratories, it has been shown to destroy MRSA

and Listeria, plus many other serious pathogens.

A cautionary note: If you are allergic to basil, lavender, mint or sage, be careful

you may react to oregano too. It can cause stomach upsets or allergic reactions.

VITAMIN C (the essential vitamin for a healthy immune system and body).- it has

anti-bacterial properties. In food form, eat plenty of yellow, orange, red or green

fruits and vegetables, but supplementation is essential during winter months, as

you would need to eat 24 oranges in a day to obtain the recommended daily

allowance of Vitamin C. (Remember my advice on orange juice in Blog 1).

Vitamin C is best taken at the onset of a cold, as this will enable the body to fight

and heal quickly or even prevent it. In my opinion, the best combination is

Vitamin C and Bioflavenoids. Bioflavenoids are k/a “Vitamin P “and are found in

bilberries, blueberries, acai fruit, quercitin, rutin, cherries, plums, raspberries,

cranberries, elderberries, red & purple grapes (skins),red wine (in moderation),

rosehips and aubergines. Go by the colour of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C in both food form and in good quality supplement form, is less acidic

than with ascorbic acid found in many cheaper Vitamin C products. Take to

“bowel tolerance” (that is when the stools become very soft). This could be over

3-5grms. I prefer powder form for instant assimilation and it can be easily added to water

or juices daily.

In addition to the above, I recommend Colloidal Silver. It has anti-bacterial

qualities and destroys harmful proteins. Colloidal Silver can be bought from

reputable stockists or made with a Silver/Zapper obtained from Good Vitality.

You can make it using purfIied water ordered from Boots and take it daily to

prevent and treat the immune system.

My final comment is about Ebola. This is not to cause alarm as I believe Ebola

does not thrive in colder climates, nor hopefully is allowed to “fly” to the UK, BUT

in all the latest research I have done, alone and with colleagues globally,

homeopathy seems to offer the best solution (as it did in all pandemics over the

last 200 years), plus the possible use of ‘Liposomal Vitamin C’. The main remedies

appear to be: China Officinalis, Phosphorus and Lachesis. The snake venoms may

prove to be very effective, BUT needs to be prescribed by a qualiIied practitioner,

should it spread.

All of the above will be pertinent once the autumn/winter season gets under full

swing and, possibly, challenges our health.

As usual from 1 October I will have in stock the homeopathic cold & flu

preventative which includes most strains, so please order soon.

Price changes reflect postage increases.

Family size: £30.

Single size: £14.

There is enough to last to the September.

If you wish to order reputable supplements or any other health products, contact

me and I will email you with the suppliers and codes to order.


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