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  • Sohani Gonzalez

That Delightful ’Poison‘ Called Sugar!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion based on years of study and training in


Photo: Jan Mesaros from Pixabay

Society encourages the population to consume substances that produce

acceptable behaviour. “Hidden, yet powerful chemical dependency is promoted”

If it makes you happy, great, you are more controllable!

Sugar and spices found their way along the ‘trade routes’ to civilisations that had

endured bland, boring diets in the main, for centuries. The new trade goods were

exotic and delicious. Sugar became very popular and is one of the main modern

day staples. Cane sugar is a drug and sugar abuse, which acts as a stimulant, is

the least discussed and most widespread addiction (possibly alongside tobacco

and cocaine), in the world. (Maybe Jamie Oliver’s recent Petition in the UK for a

sugar tax can help change the attitude and usage of sugar in time.)

Sugar cane gives a brief “high” but is followed by depression, guilt and often a gut

upset or inflammation, especially if taken in large amounts. “Sugar and Slavery” went

hand-in-hand. Addiction to sugar led to mass forced transportations, brutality and the

murder of huge populations and created great wealth for the families involved.

Sugar causes the body to become acidic, only in an acidic state can chronic

disease and rapid ageing develop. One of the reasons sugar is so difficult to ‘kick’

as a habit is its effect on the hormone Cortisol. Stress triggers Cortisol and our modern

world is saturated with stress. Cortisol raises the blood pressure, increases glucose production and can precipitate diabetes. It also increases the consumption of “comfort

foods” to pacify the stress. Thus the huge increase in obesity and diabetes in the world.

The hormone ‘leptin’ in the brain is the switch that regulates hunger and body

fat, too much insulin from sugar and similar carbohydrates in the system blocks

the leptin signal.

One of the major foods that blocks the ‘leptin’ signal is consumption of foods

laden with corn syrup (fructose), even worse is that many are GMO produced.

Most ‘junk-foods’ use this syrup knowingly. In the early 1980’s the USA Food

Industry added this to many foods and drinks, doubling their profits in one year!!!

And some of you may be aware ever since that time, people have been getting

bigger and Diabetes Type 2 is epidemic. In fact Diabetes Type 2 has doubled in 20

years and by 2025, over 6 million alone in the UK may have the condition.

World sugar consumption has tripled in the past 50 years. Why were our ancestors

before 1979 (watch any old TV programme) slim, even thin, because the food industry

hadn’t adulterated the food chain to such a degree. Junk food and “convenience food“

was the brainchild of the USA in the 1960’s. Now sugar is in most foods today, unless

you eat pure, whole foods, organic meat and fish, fruit, vegetables, fermented foods

nuts, seeds, beans and pulses, etc., etc. All of this has been driven by greed and profits by

a food industry indifferent to its population.

Chronic disease as a by-product of sugar:

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood

pressure), dementia and cancer. Cancer cells thrive in glucose and an acidic body.

I would go as far as to state that all chronic disease originates in an acid blood

state. Sugar has been observed to initiate cancer and cancer will grow by 57% in the

next 20 years too.

So what is the answer and solution?

Reduce all sugar intake (in all forms) – if you have a “sweet tooth” use small

amounts of pure sweeteners like ‘raw’ local honey and maple syrup.

Also organic coconut sugar, dark liquid Stevia (not the refined), Luo Han

and only Xylitol made from birch bark (not corn).

Eat a diet of whole unprocessed foods, preferably organic or local and

unsprayed and free-range meats, fish and eggs.

~ Use fresh fruit in season and vegetables

~ fermented foods, like sauerkraut, etc.

~ Add spices like cinnamon and, if liked, ginger to plain yoghurt, stewed

fruits, smoothies and juiced veg and fruits. Cinnamon is particularly helpful

in preventing and treating diabetes.

~ Use whole fats - if you can tolerate dairy, use organic butter or Ghee

~ Cold pressed or unrefined olive oils and other oils (preferably in glass


~ Organic coconut oil or butter

If you use other ‘spreads’, make sure they are organic and non-hydrogenated

(hydrogenated spread may be carcinogenic)

~ Reduce alcohol intake (loaded with sugars!)

~ Drink more good quality green tea/black tea, herbal/fruit teas and filtered


I hope this information will be useful and a guide to improve your wellbeing.

You might like to watch this wonderful video on the sugar industry and the effects of sugar on our health:

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