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Michael Bradford MA, CEO - The Intuitive Advantage Ltd.

"Sohani, Thank you for taking such good care of me, and my clients. Over the past 6 months I have learned to trust and respect your sensitivity and your ability to quickly identify a person's core issues, and to find the most appropriate remedies to resolve these challenges. As someone who has spent over 35 years studying and teaching complementary therapies, I consider you one of the best practitioners I have ever met anywhere in the world. I highly recommend you to anyone who truly desires healing and is committed to their healing process.

I deeply appreciate the progress you have facilitated both for me personally - and for my clients. They all think the world of you.
Wishing you continued success in your practice."



"My son is 12 years old. He is a wonderful, refined, intelligent being with a heart of gold- a treasure. When he was 10, from 'out of the blue' he developed head-nodding. This started as an occasional head-flick and went onto some incredible head-nodding - 300 head-nods in a 10 minute session! He was becoming exhausted! He had to be off school because he was so tired and his neck ached from the nodding. Our GP and the local hospital doctor told us to "ignore the tic and it should go away".

Nearly 2 years later and he still suffered with Chronic Motor Tics - by now the head-nodding had been joined by a mouth and eye spasm. We pushed for a London Neurologist who told us "to confront the tic, deal with it as best we could" "It may disappear over time, it may not". I wasn't happy to leave matters 'up in the air' like this. I arranged for him to have a scan - this proved negative. Then he had two scary bouts of wild head-nodding, I thought he was fitting and took him to A&E, where I was told he had had an 'exacerbated tic episode'.

From this moment on I decided to move forward on our own and find another medical route - this is where Sohani joins the story. On our first consultation Sohani took a great deal of time to get to know my son, she prescribed a magnesium supplement and altered his diet, removing wheat and dairy. A few days later we received a small sachet of homeopathic pills, which Sohani said would work beautifully with the magnesium. Very soon, after following her instructions his head-nodding stopped. His mouth tics stopped and his eye tic had dramatically reduced.

Over the next two months I re-introduced the wheat and dairy and he continued with a repeat of the remedy. He still remains well. He 'screws up his eyes' (usually when excited or tired) but together, with Sohani, we are working on that. He has total confidence in Sohani, I do too. When he is completely tic-free he will "jump over the moon with joy".


"I originally took my child to Sohani for food sensitivity testing revealed a few very useful issues.

My son is 5 and has had Aspbergers ( autism )diagnosed and is very hyperactive, this causes him to have behaviour that particularly affects his abilities to fit into school and generally leaves him unable to control his emotions leading to huge tantrums and some aggressive behaviour.

Sohani was confident he could be helped with and he has been! We spoke at great lengths about Jo, myself, my pregnancy and his birth etc.

Sohani has been treating him for four months and the improvements are notable. He is calmer and more'connected ' ,is able to listen,take in information, the tantrums have decreased dramatically and he is able to concentrate for much longer periods .
I have also seen a great improvement in a gut problem, ongoing since he was little.
Sohani is very intuitive and very easy to talk to, I have had a great experience working together with her to get the best for my child. A big thank-you to Sohani, she has really changed things for the better for us."


"I wake in the night, my foot throbbing, used to walking bare-foot in the garden, it must be an insect bite, infected and swollen. No~the doctor says it's gout!"Don't worry-it's common and treatable with drugs and won't get worse." the drugs work immediately-two days and it's gone! They must be powerful.In a month it's back.Drugs again. Two weeks and it's back."Just take the tablets-one a day, follow the instructions in the pack ( don't read the small print) for the rest of your life?" I'm 51!
I phone Sohani. I meet Sohani. She talks to me for an hour. She talks like a friend-finds out about me as a person. Asks about my dreams! "We'll sort this out" Taking her system of medicine and a change in diet to keep a balance(an alkalising diet)helps very quickly. She's treating me, not the affliction. Takes my perseverance too! Five visits I've never forgotten."


"I had regular migraines associated with my hormones, they were so severe that I vomited most times and I had to take the prescribed Bedranol.

I came to see Sohani as a last resort and after asking me a whole ream of questions she gave me a remedy. After a month I returned and was overjoyed that my long history of migraines had all gone. Sohani prescribed another remedy plus a Liver Support herbal which really helped too. My energy was better, as was my mood and my sleep returned. After one more treatment I was really well again!"


"I have consulted Sohani for over 11 years, during which time she has helped me with a variety of issues ~ the menopause and a serious non-benign bladder tumour which the treatment and nutrition healed. I remain clear after a few years and have vibrant health and vitality.

In addition Sohani has treated the whole family and my grown-up children now use homeopathy confidently themselves."


"I wanted to give you an update on how this week has gone since taking the remedies. I have regained so much of my mobility, it is more than I could have hoped for!I still have burning in my lower back but it is much less than before. I even went on a short run. I couldn't believe it, I cannot thank you enough.

I am so grateful for your help and information and I look forward to our next appointment."

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